Brant Bjork And The Low Desert Punk Band – “Tao Of The Devil”


Brant Bjork And The Low Desert Punk Band – “Tao Of The Devil” (Napalm Records)

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Two years on from his stokin’ “Black Power Flower” debut with The Low Desert Punk Band comes its successor “Tao Of The Devil”. Despite its dark title it’s a lot different to its predecessor in being more lightweight with less fuzz and heavy desert rock, but with more emphasis on grooves and flower power rock. Rather than going forward, Brant seems to have gone right back to his ‘Bros’ dayz, being less song orientated with more emphasis on longer jams and plenty of Santana influenced blues rock. But man, does it funk – I mean, like all over the place with every instrument just groovin’ away merrily in a natural free flow – and even more sassy guitar licks and wild ass breaks to have you in rhythmic motion! Bjork’s sun kissed, laid back vocals do even more to increase that bliss with soul mixed in so if you didn’t appreciate why he’s such a respected icon then its evident in these addictive compositions which although markedly different from those on “Black Power Flower” are magically complementary in that they could easily be played side by side live – true genius! Being more upbeat, there’s unsurprisingly a more uplifting and feelgood vibe of looking and feeling cool just cruisin’ away to numbers like the struttin’ ‘Stackt’ or the free wheelin’ ‘Biker No 2’, not to mention the “Apocalypse Now” trip of ‘Dave’s War’. But frankly, this album’s irresistibility comes from putting it on and simply being unable to take if off – and I say that even after 5 continuous listens! Forget the heat. Forget the dust. Forget the world cos Brant Bjork could take you to hell and back without a singe tripping to music as cool as this.

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