Brant Bjork and The Low Desert Punk Band


Brant Bjork and The Low Desert Punk Band – “Black Power Flower” (Napalm Records)

Simply groovin’ maaan! Whilst not an out an out disciple of desert rock, that particular strand of stoner rock that owes its origins to the legendary Kyuss, this album is simply so cool in every aspect and possibly the best thing I’ve heard from Brant Bjork as a solo artist. Following a tour down under this year, which may have been influential, “Black Power Flower” is on a whole new level from its somewhat up beat tempo but moreover its choogin’ outrightly funky beat – brother, you just wanna get up off yo ass and boogie to the cheeky, teasing licks on ‘Soldier Of Love’ that almost go into sitar levels of overdrive as the shamanic choruses trip through your by now feebly humbled mind. If you’re from the street, then you’re gonna love ‘Ain’t No Runnin’ with some amazing whiteboy hillbilly licks rollin’ to a kick ass beat topped off by some awesome wah on ‘That’s A Fact Jack’. It’s all skillfully contrasted by the equally black inspired ‘Stokely Up Now‘ which I take to refer to the Civil Rights legend, Stokely Carmichael and topped off by the revolutionary desert punk aggro of ‘We Don’t Serve Their Kind’. In fact, right from its title this album seems inspired by the 60s Black Power movement in many places skillfully synthesized by his trademark desert rock but man, has he fried his brain on some serious shit this time round to come out with these gems! ‘Buddha Time’ takes things down a notch for the slower groovers still in their drug haze by tripping out to the laid back fuzz guitars that roll smoothly like a long drive into the desert (where else – ed) and Bjork has brilliantly captured such visualizations on his amazing compositions topped off by the 8 minute instrumental stoner jam of ‘Where You From Man’ that closes out this amazing album – man, this boy good!

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