Brant Bjork – “Europe ´16”

Brant Bjork – “Europe ´16” (Napalm Records)

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Widely regarded as one of the pioneers of desert rock having co founded Kyuss, Brant Bjork has since embarked on a successful solo career over the last 17 years, not in the least making huge waves in Europe recently. As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise that his first solo live release would be recorded in Berlin! With a 12 song set culled from his albums under his many guises you’ll be hearing newies such as ‘The Gree Heen‘ from 2016’s “Tao Of The Devil’ to the funkin’ ‘Stokely Up Now‘ from 2014’s “Black Flower Power” while meandering into ‘Let The Truth Be Known’ from 2005’s “Saved By Magic” and going right back to 1999’s “Jalamanta” for the aptly named ‘Low Desert Punk’. Besides being an awesome set list hand picked for its effect by the hugely talented Bjork, the arrangement has been chosen to convey the maximum experience possible on the listener – whether you were there or not! From the tripped out jam of ‘Humble Pie’ to the more energetic ‘Freaks Of Nature’, Bjork himself keeps his audience rap to a minimum, opting instead to keep the rhythm a rollin’ in this non stop extravaganza like a modern day Woodstock, attesting not just to his down to earth nature, but also his star professionalism. With a par excellence stereophonic sound completing the icing on this groovy cake, “Europe ´16” is heading up there for stoner (live) album of the year! 

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