Bridger “s/t”

(Escape Music)
When I got into heavy metal in the 80s all that mattered to me was NWOBHM. The Americans had nothing to offer me. Which meant that I missed out on Van Halen totally. The only contact I had with them came through music videos. I’m not doing that same mistake today. I keep my ears open to both sides of the Atlantic. Which is why I’m devoting time to Bridger. This could easily be a new favourite. By doing a cover of “Heaven & Hell” they’ve gained cred points in my book. And by doing that they can’t be too shabby a band. Bridger is hardrock in the same tradition as Firehouse and a host of other American bands. Strong melodies, a high tempo and the occasional ballad/slow song and we’re ready to go. Bridger does it all very good and proves that American hardrock is well and alive. A really good record for all us American hardrock lovers. Anders Ekdahl

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