Brimstone Coven – “Brimstone Coven”


Brimstone Coven – “Brimstone Coven” (Metal Blade Records)

Unashamedly retro with a penchant for all things late 60s and early 70s, these 4 psych / doom/ stoners from the Ohio valley grew up in all that culture, favoring the occult mysticism that seemed to pervade everything from films to music at that time, so little wonder that in 2011 they decided to put together a band capturing that essence! Whilst I wouldn’t say that Brimstone Coven are an occult band per se in the vein of Ghost for example, they certainly draw a witchery vibe from early Pentagram in their sound on this self titled album, which in fact is a re-mastered combination of their latest self released album and their debut EP. And then the real magic happens. Bringing in the trippy psych of Pink Floyd and the dark blues rock of The Doors, Corey Roth’s ’70s inspired guitar provides the honeypot from which some amazing hippy vocal harmonies take hold on songs like ‘The Folly Of Faust’, ‘Behold, The Anunnaki’ and ‘Blood On The Wall’ ascending them to a heavenly level, led by ‘Big’ John Williams’s captivating country soul vocals that although laid back certainly don’t lack any power when need be! Brimstone Coven are without a doubt one of the most convincing retro bands around, not just having an authentic sound and songs that follow the classic formulae, but actually drawing from their childhood past and experiences in producing a possessing vibe that transfixed me throughout the 17 mesmerizing tracks on this highly recommended release.

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