BROKEN FATE “Rising To The Dream”

”Rising To The Dream”
I don’t really believe in anything so my fate can’t be broken since it does not exist. Yet I have faith in that I’ll be metal until the day I die. I have no idea what fate it is that is broken when it comes to BROKEN FATE but as long as they are metal enough for me I don’t really care. Every now and then along comes a record that really doesn’t need any sort of categorization. It is just enough to call it metal. I get that kind of vibe from this album. You could easily label this power or thrash or powerthrash but it is just enough to call it metal. This has the potential to appeal to everybody that has even the slightest interest in metal. It is melodic enough to sing along to. It is heavy enough to bang your head to. This is metal. Anders Ekdahl

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