(Punishment 18)
This is a re-issue. I gotta say that I have no clue what this is all about. I might have read about this lot way back but I can’t say that I really paid that much attention. So it is gonna be really interesting to see if this album really merits a re-issue. I kinda know why I’ve might have missed out on this if I’d come upon it when it was first released. I don’t like the band name. It is too glam for my taste. I might have changed my mind if I had gotten to hear the music because this is some cool thrash metal in the more melodic school. There is a heavier Anthrax feel to this that makes this stand out a bit. You don’t get to hear that many bands inspired by Anthrax these days. I’m gonna try and track down the rest of this band’s discography. Anders Ekdahl

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