Broken Links – “Disasters: Ways To Leave A Scene”

Broken Links – “Disasters: Ways To Leave A Scene” (Devil Theory Records)

Wow. This has to be one of the best indie releases I’ve ever heard! Whilst England’s Broken Links aren’t exactly metal, they take inspiration from a wide variety of bands ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Bush to even Joy Division in their amazing sound. Delicate guitar harmonies mix with emo vocals and dark melodies to produce a melancholic, yet powerful and captivating sound to songs like ‘Within Isolation’, ‘A Memory Of Home’ and ‘Shelter Your Loss’ – and all this coming from a trio no less! Generally mainstream Brit Rock bands like the Manics and Oasis fail to reach me on any level given their blandness but Broken Links are something else, having grabbed my heart from the outset thru their winning songs and powerful emo charged passion!

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