BROOD OF HATRED “New Order Of Intelligence”

“New Order Of Intelligence”
Death metal from Northern Africa isn’t on my plate every day. It’s not even on my plate on a monthly basis either. But this Tunisian band prove that there’s life (death) to that scene to in this Mediterranean country. Formed in 2010 they debuted with an EP in 2012 consisting of four tracks and followed by an album in the same year. I got my hands on the EP. I’m not gonna say that this is better or worse just because it is a Tunisian band. This is death metal on the heavier side of the spectra. I get a less groovy Six Feet Under feel to this. Or a Cannibal Corpse that isn’t blasting away. It is in that region that this band operates. So if you like your death metal heavy and not ultra fast then you should turn your ears to this band. Anders Ekdahl

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