Brothers Of Metal – “Emblas Saga”

Brothers Of Metal – “Emblas Saga” (AFM Records)
Battle Helm Rating
Hailing from Falun, the same town that brought you Sabaton, comes Brothers Of Metal, formed by friends initially to play a pub show and who since have rocked the stages at Sweden Rock and Germany’s Rockharz & Rock Am Stück festivals! “Emblas Saga” is the follow up to the band’s best selling debut and contains even more catchy and epic sagas to resonate deep in your warrior soul. Inspired by the likes of Freedom Call, Manowar and Battle Beast, the music revolves around a concept of Nordic and Viking metal, so expect to hear plenty about Hel, Freya and not in the least Thor, with the album’s cover art provided by Peter Sallai (Amon Amarth, Sabaton). That said, this is not an overtly metal album, with plenty of hard rock and even AOR gracing the 13 tracks there, but with no less than 3 vocalists in Ylva Eriksson (Voice of the Valkyries), Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson (Battle Cries), Mats Nilsson (Tongue of the Gods) and 3 guitarists filling the long-ship, this band of brothers truly has the muscle to pull it off majestically! True metallers will go nuts for ‘Chain Breaker’, a fast rocker with plenty of gruff male vocals laced by Eriksson’s femme tones, but the killer chorus is what delivers the massive axe blow on this one. The contrast to the ambient passion on ‘Kaunaz Dagaz (Dawn Of Fire)’ couldn’t be greater with its flowing Nordic guitar melodies that will capture your heart instantaneously as the male vocals form the warrior chorus to Eriksson’s valkyrie lead on this huge singalong song awash with melodies. Built for the en mass festival crowd, ‘Brothers Unite’ does exactly that with its slow drum beat and folk melody guitars providing the perfect platform for all 3 vocalists to really ignite the stage through the passionate, yet easy to remember chorus that while being uncomplicated, exudes catchiness in every aspect, once again attesting to the talented formula employed by this fast ascending band. Ending with a charge on ‘Ride Of The Valkyries’, the hard chopping beats and steely guitars drive the battle as the 3 vocalists lead in a fire and ice contrast with yet more stirring melodies and bombastic harmonies to close off another triumphant epic and indeed, incredibly touching sophomore that resonates in the mind long after victory on the field has been proclaimed!
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