Brüder4Brothers – “Brotherhood”

Brüder4Brothers – “Brotherhood” (Rookies And Kings/Soulfood)
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What happens when you put together world renowned custom motorcycle manufacturer OCC (Orange County Choppers) as featured on reality TV’s “American Chopper”, with Frei.Wild, the Echo Award winning South Tyrolese / Italian band whose gold and platinum chart-topping albums make them one of Germany’s most successful rock bands? Simple – Brüder4Brothers!! Yes folks, take the vocals of Paul Teutul Sr., Mikey Teutul and Alex Franco, along with a strong distinct American biker rock sound backed by Cowrock soul into the catchy, melodic staple that is Frei.Wild, along with their vocalist / guitarist Philipp Burger’s Germanic singing, and all you gotta do is hit the gas pedal and head off down that road to freedom. Brought together by a deep friendship over the years, as well as sharing events and trips, combined with memories of fun times in the United States and southern Europe is what has resulted in the 10 spirited tracks on this debut album. Going beyond the music, it’s pretty clear that the personalities have a lot to play in pulling off songs like ‘Pussy Or Man’ with its western geetar twang and Teutul Sr.’s bulldawg drawl, although the huge singalong chorus is as catchily melodic as you might expect from Frei.Wild, although the lines of ‘..are you a pussy or a man, or the little bitch in your biker gang, c’mon over and take a pass, shuddup muthafucka or I’ll kick your ass..’ are something else ha ha! Slowing it down with moving country sunset geetars and mixing American and German vocals, the title ‘Freundschaft Brotherhood’ speaks for itself and will resonate deeply among the worldwide biker fraternity through stirring lines like ‘’s more than a nation’s flag, because we are united…brothers we will always be, to eternity…’, and completed by a wailing western solo that will long stay in your heart and mind. With the engine motor running, ‘A Man And His Honor’ rolls in ‘…forthright in his desire..’ as a massive, red blooded stadium rocker with Mikey’s vocals backed by musclebound chorus shout outs and pumped harmonies, with the geetars flexing even more soul through their wails and croons – awesome. Through an irresistibly teasing riff, ‘You, Me And The Night’ blends American and German vocals along with subtle orchestrals to hit home on another monster chorus, resplendent with acoustic and electric melodies both subtle and overt, but always capturing your heart. Indeed, thanks to the masterful composing and excellent collaboration of mechanics and musicians, “Brotherhood” goes the whole way along the highway to being more than just a trendy statement!
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