I get a lot of emails asking for this or that to be reviewed. Sometimes I even forget that I have accepted to have stuff sent to me so that when it finally arrives it comes as a surprise. Way back in 2020 I received an email from a Canadian dude asking me to check out his book. I agreed and he sent it to me. It finally arrived just a few days ago and as I started to look through it I realized that it wasn’t really what I thought it to be to begin with. I am no guitar player. Back in 1982 my mom got me a guitar and an amp and I was about to embark on my guitar hero journey but due to unforeseen circumstances it never came to be. Fast forward 39 years and I sit with a book that might have helped me become the rock star I wanted to be. This book is filled with scales that could have helped me become an accomplished song writer. It might be too late for me but it isn’t for you. If you are stuck with a lack of inspiration you might want to play through this book. Who knows? You might end up writing your greatest song just from browsing this book. There is a song up on Spotify ( that I assume is made up of scales from the book. It is a brutal slam death metal track. It gives you an idea of what you can create using this book. Since I don’t play the guitar I have no idea if this book is easy or hard to use. I guess that it all comes down to how accomplished you are as a guitar player really. But do check it out. Anders Ekdahl

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