Brutal Unrest – “Trinitas”

Brutal Unrest – “Trinitas” (Hammerheart Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Like a raging winter blitzkrieg, Germany’s Brutal Unrest return with their 3rd album in the aptly titled “Trinitas”! Founded in 2002 but gaining a veteran line up as time progressed, today’s line up includes bassist Christoph Zacharowski (ex Suidakra), drummer Dennis Thiele (ex Prostitute Disfigurement), guitarist David Schneider (Human Waste) and Tommy Sonnenburg (ex Autumn Nostrum). Odd man out is guitarist Alexander Hilla but what the heck, when you’ve got an all star demolition troupe then what more is there to say heh heh. Taking their cue from the likes of early Death, Suffocation, Deicide and Aeon expect nothing less than bear growling vocals, malevolent buzz saw riffs and military snapping snare right in your face on songs like ‘Pandemic Wings’ with its old school monster whirring riffs and rapid fire snare, or ‘Cotardious’ with its beautiful virtuoso soloing melding superbly with the dark clanging melodic rhythm. Standout track for me had to be Sarcophagus’ Aftermath’ which is based on Chernobyl and is as frantic thanks to Thiele’s manic pace as well as the dark combination of doom melodies and death riffing made all the more haunting by Ukrainian nuclear warning sound bytes – truly apocalyptic! Reflective of its star line up, Brutal Unrest offer death metal at a level above the rest with all the usual menace, but also quality riffs, catchy hooks and memorable grooves all played with an undeniable technical prowess. Definitely check these guys out!

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