Brutally Deceased – “Black Infernal Vortex”


Brutally Deceased – “Black Infernal Vortex” (Doomentia Records)

If like me you’re a rabid fan of old school Swe-death a la Dismember and Entombed, then the Czech Republic’s Brutally Deceased will be barking right at your door. A dirty slavering hund formed by guitarist Tomáš Halama 7 years ago, these guys are probably the only band of their style in their homeland, but they do credit to it as well as their Swedish inspirations. No cut n paste soundbytes here, this is one take recording going back to the days of analogue and with those Boss HM-2 pedals revving on overdrive produces the raw hell sound that sends shivers (of delight) down my spine on nasty (but tasty) numbers like ‘Devil’s Tarn’, ‘Black Hammer Of Satan’ and ‘Deathwish’! Clearly Tomáš is a fan of the style himself and nothing short of a perfectionist in sticking true to the genre in every aspect – fine songwriting with all the classic bone chilling riffs as well as the high standard of musicianship needed to deliver to a superior level – whilst adding their own finishing touches here n there especially in the stylish guitar melodies. With matching LG Petrov guttural growls and a brutal but precision scything rhythm “Black Infernal Vortex” could’ve been written as the ultimate tribute to old school Swe-death, yet this 2nd full length album stands in its own right as a continuation of that Scandinavian journey now ravaging the wastelands of middle Europe!

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