Brutus – “Behind The Mountains”

Brutus – “Behind The Mountains” (Svart Records)

Holy crap, dinosaur metal lives lol! If you want to know what the early 1970s were all about then don’t bother asking grandad, but instead check out Brutus. Made up of Norwegians and Swedes, these guys play psychedelic blues rock that mixes ancient bands like Blue Cheer and Pentagram with a hint of Johnny Winter! High, airy vocals, funky blues licks and hard rock riffs define unhurried songs like ‘Big Fat Boogie’, ‘Blue Pills’ and ‘Mystery Machine’. Add in the laid back but free spirited soloing and the circle is complete. There’s a very cool 70s groove to the whole album that rolls along in its own rhythm thanks to Brutus’s attitude of just plug in, crank up the volume and play – well, that’s how it was back then folks ha ha! Of all the stoner / doom / retro scene, Brutus are definitely one of those with the most authentic sound and vibe – butterfingered blues I think they call it, so break out those flares and get shakin’ to this!

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