Brymir – “Slayer Of Gods”


Brymir – “Slayer Of Gods” (Ranka Kustannus)

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Epic orchestral pagan metal from Finland! Formed 10 years ago at a summer music camp and calling themselves Lai Lai Hei after the Ensiferum song, they went on to win the camp competition after covering ‘Token Of Time’. Imbued with a new confidence and now calling themselves Brymir, original material was composed and after all the members finished their national service, their debut “Breathe Fire To The Sun” was recorded in 2011. Since then there has been an unexplained absence but no matter, “Slayer Of Gods” is not just a timely but awesome return! Mixing extreme melodic metal enhanced with orchestral arrangements and choirs to create film score epics, Brymir’s sophomore is ten fast double bass driven tracks brimming with passion and grandness. Intense whirring riffola, spiraling solos, jumping majestic melodies and plenty of harmonic finesse define songs like ‘For Those Who Died‘, ‘Stormsoul’ and ‘The Rain‘. It all works thanks to the skillful musicianship and with six guys in the band, Brymir have the big sound to bring alive the atmosphere inherent in their material, at times reminding me of Primordial’s climatic build ups, especially when factoring in Viktor Gullichsen’s raw, pagan vocals. That said, “Slayer Of Gods” is a very accessible album indeed that I could recommend to anyone, inspiring me that Brymir have what it takes in time to stand alongside their fellow Finns Wintersun, Moonsorrow and Ensiferum.

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