Buckets Rebel Heart – “20 Good Summers”

Buckets Rebel Heart – “20 Good Summers” (Pride & Joy Music) 
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Oh my god, it’s not very often that an album just comes by and touches your heart to leave you moved forever. Formed by the killer song writing duo of ex Bad Company and Humble Pie guitarist Dave ‘Bucket’ Colwell, along with former 720 & New Torpedoes drummer Paul ‘Taff’ Edwards, Buckets Rebel Heart is a new band formed in the spirit of 70s classic rockers like Bad Company and Humble Pie, but equally southern boogie, heartland rock and the blues. Indeed, with guest contributions from Rick Richards (Georgia Satellites), Mollie Marriott (daughter of Steve Marriott – singer and guitarist of the Small Faces and Humble Pie) and Lyla D’Souza (Kill For Eden), “20 Good Summers” is just that, composed straight from the heart and without the pressure of a label as an intended true expression of pure artistic freedom. With the line-up completed by lead vocalist Jim Stapley and bass player Dave ‘Boycie’ Boyce, previously of The Quireboys, Buckets Rebel Heart’s talent has it in bunches across the 12 tracks here, all of which I found enjoyable and moving from the southern lite rock of ‘Radio State Of Mind’, completed by trademark female harmonies and organ to the funk rocker of ‘Customised Car’ with D’Souza showing she could be ‘The Boss’ too through her powerful vocals, accompanied by brass and some truly swanky guitar. Equally, on ‘Faraway Blues’ Stapley truly moved me with his southern tones, backed by slide guitar, organ and piano on this song that hit right home in the heart. Of the more feisty numbers, then ‘Rebel Heart’ would take some beating given its groove that could rival Guns N Roses ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Heart’ and rippling in hard rock glory through its organic piano, resonating organ and not in the least, Stapley’s moving soulful vocals that brilliantly morphed into classic rock tones accompanied by some dazzling female harmonies. Closely following was ‘The Bridge’ with its undoubted feelgood vibe thanks to the deep n warm guitar, and even more uplifting harmonies, moving piano keys and Stapley’s tender tones – put it this way, you wouldn’t feel any winter blues after this one! Injecting the southern boogie on the aptly titled ‘Whiskyland’ complete with its powerful guitars, and backed more subtly this time by the harmonies and organ while Stapley cranked up his clean power, this really brought home the sound and memories of great southern legends like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet. Making their live debut at the Sweden Rock Festival this year, expect to see more from this truly talented band as evidenced by this top notch debut!
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