BUKOWSKI FAMILY “Unpleasantries Abundant”

“Unpleasantries Abundant”
(Artificial God Productions)
Serial killers has for a very long time been a great obsession for crime novelists and death metal bands. And while not being strictly death metal none more has been as fascinated by serial killers like Macabre. I get that kind of vibe just from reading this band’s name; The Bukowski Family. If that doesn’t get you thinking Texas Chainsaw Massacre I don’t know what will. Musically this is death metal. Nothing new or fancy about it. Just plain old death metal. But it works to my ears. There is a vibe to it that makes it easy on the ears. You don’t have to be into the whole serial killer thing to like the music. You can just take it for the death metal EP it is. And as that this is some pretty gnarly stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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