BULLETBELT “Down In The Cold Of The Grave”

“Down In The Cold Of The Grave”
(Headless Horseman)
New Zealand black metal might not sound like a too enticing entity but from what I heard on the MCD they released in 2011 this is not your ordinary black metal crap. There was something extra to that CD that made me take notice. Don’t know how much pure/true black metal this is really. I’d say it has got a more blackish thrash edge to the sound. Kinda like Aura Noir or early Dödheimsgard without really sounding anything like them. Or perhaps this is more along the lines of early black metal before it got all tangled up in sub-genres. Any which way, this is cool in so man y ways that you really need to look this one up unless you want to miss out on a cool record. Anders Ekdahl

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