Bunker 66 – “Chained Down In Dirt”

Bunker 66 – “Chained Down In Dirt” (High Roller Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Hailing from the Sicilian city of Messina, infamously ravaged throughout history by the Carthaginians, the black death and even General Patton, Bunker 66 are aptly named – and produce music befitting the sound of war! A power trio taking massive inspiration from Celtic Frost’s suave but savage grooves (along with a few death grunts), Motorhead’s dirty swagger and a punky hint of Discharge, there isn’t much in the way of pretense, but instead a focus on incredibly catchy material that is executed brilliantly by ultra tight musicianship to achieve its full shell shock potential and induce plenty of post traumatic stress disorder!!!! Fueled by women, leather and hell, Bunker 66 might go by idiotic names like J.J. Priestkiller and Dee Dee Altar, but don’t underestimate the talent here given the irresistible lure of songs like ‘Her Claws Of Death’, ‘Satan’s Countess’ and ‘Black Steel Fever’. Led by D. Thorne, who resembles the much lamented El Duce and whose gruff vocals take right from the mighty Lemmy, the trio also smartly employ haunting black styles as well as straight up high heavy metal soul with occasional hardcore shout outs. Like I said, they’re a talented bunch and appear to have plenty of live experience reflected amply in the quality of this impressive release, which is, in fact, their 3rd album hence their veteran prowess. So don’t be put off by the cheesiness of Bunker 66 as “Chained Down In Dirt” is guaranteed to send you into a headbanging frenzy until the H Bomb finally explodes!!!

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