BURIALCULT “A Call From Beyond The Grave”

“A Call From Beyond The Grave”
(Blood Harvest)
I really like the black and white cover that comes with this release. There is something old school to it that brings me back to the old demo tape days. When you came upon a demo with full color cover you almost cried out “sell out”. This is doomy like hell in a totally death metal way. No funeral doom to speak of. I don’t know if it is old age or what but I seem to have come around to liking metal that seems to drag its feet along. It doesn’t have to be 100mph for me to like it any more. I usually don’t comment on the production but there is something very old school demo to the sound of this release. Don’t know how intentional that is. I like it though. It brings back memories that seem appropriate listening to BURIALCULT. Anders Ekdahl

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