Battle Helm Rating

BURN AFTER ME’s CD just dropped off in my mail box one day. No note to explain or introduce the band. Could be that I’ve sent them an interview that hasn’t been answered yet or it could just be that they want my opinion on their CD. Any which way they’ll get my opinion on the CD. As I am the worst connoisseur of metalcore I have no idea if that is what this is supposed to be. To me it is a really cool metal album with a hardcore edge. And the lack of break downs doesn’t bother me at all. On the contrary. That they at times twist and turn in a System Of A Down kinda makes this even more interesting. From not knowing what to expect to liking what I hear doesn’t have to be that far between. In a way this reminds me of D.B.C and their gargantuan album “Universe”. Anders Ekdahl

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