Burn The Sunset – “Home”

Burn The Sunset – “Home” (www.facebook.com/burnthesunsetuk)

Burn, baby, burn! This young Scottish metalcore hail from William Wallace country and whilst there may not be much in the way of sunsets in Stirling, they sure know a whole lot about burning (and looting, pillaging, raping LOL – Ed)! Mixing it furiously on this debut between the aggro of Terror in The Bruce’s hoarse vocals to the Almond / Fyfe guitars that have claymore size doses of Dimebag Pantera like riffing laced with pensive melodies on tracks like ‘Lonely & Defeated’, ‘Insincere’ and ‘The Changing Of Times’, BTS give it a kick in the bollox that brings the braveheart to the highlands!

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