Burning Witches – “Wings Of Steel”

Burning Witches – “Wings Of Steel” EP (Nuclear Blast)
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OMG – prepare for detonation!!! Burning Witches are back and with a new vocalist in Dutch singer Laura Guldemond (Shadowrise), whose power and range could’ve come from the fiery pits of hell itself. Arguably less evil than predecessor Seraina Telli who left to concentrate on her own band Dead Venus, Guldemond’s clean and classy singing more than fits the style of Burning Witches, as judged by this limited edition collector’s edition EP made up of a brand new studio track and 3 live recordings made at this year’s Wacken Open Air 2019. Blitzing straight in through Lala Frischknecht’s double bass propulsion, the title track ‘Wings Of Steel’ is driven furiously by the fast, molten riffs of guitarists Romana Kalkuhl and Sonia Nusselder that immediately sink their hooks into you before Guldemond power screams (along with old school spews – wow!) in although the chorus is a wonderful contrast of more sultry melody, as are the mid song harmony solos, but altogether making for one helluva catchy number attesting to the talent of these fiery femmes. With absolutely no messin’, ‘Executed’ is the first of the live tracks and Guldemond is simply all over the track, power screaming and adding her own sultriness as she sings ‘…I am haunted by demons..they will never set me free..’ before getting the crowd to chant as the rest of the band add their furore to match. Rocking in fabulously on the ball grabbing ‘Open Your Mind’ Guldemond once again excels in really bringing out the sensual aspects of this otherwise heavy, chugging number with its booming guitars and hammering beats from Frischknecht. With the crowd roaring it’s approval Burning Witches sound the götterdämmerung on ‘Hexenhammer’ with even more femme allure from Guldemond singing ‘..you will burn like all the others before you..’ as the Wacken masses join in. Clearly intended to testify to the live and studio performance of their new singer, “Wings Of Steel” is as bold a statement as could be ever made to that effect!
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