BUTCHER “Welcome To The Night”

“Welcome To The Night”
(Infernö Records)
From what I understand this could be considered a sort of comeback album for Butcher. It’s been a while since their previous album was released and much has happened to the World of heavy metal. But the strong will always survive one way or another. And strong Butcher seems to be. When describing something like Butcher the clichés are not far away but that is because they fit the best. This is heavy metal the American way with a strong leaning towards power and melody. Think early Bitch, early Armored Saint and Blacklace and you get a pretty clear picture of what we’re dealing with. This is very anthemic and raise-your-fist-in-the-air metal. Anything that makes me think of Blacklace is a clear winner in my book. Together with Omen, Blacklace gotta the best heavy metal that the US have ever created. Butcher should pat their backs for making me think back to the glory days. Anders Ekdahl

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