C.O.A.G. – “Sociopath”


C.O.A.G. – “Sociopath” (Kaotoxin)

C.O.A.G. stands for Coalition Of Abnormal Grinders and is a one man band by Déhà, exiled from Mons in Belgium to Bulgaria cos he has single handedly recreated the musical equivalent to World War I trench warfare ha ha! There are no song titles, just numbers and really why are they needed when one song simply blurs into the other like a tank running amok, crushing all asunder. Musically, it’s grind core a la early Napalm Death or Brutal Truth i.e. bark blast vocals, skull stomping 100 mph riffola, insane asylum solos and a rhythm that could be 1,000 storm troopers rising outta their trenches, charging across no man’s land with shells and machine guns blazing everywhere. “Sociopath” is one of these balls out, go for broke albums that is only possible from the twisted minds of individuals – everyone else is simply too puny to understand the genius of Hitler, Attila, Stalin and now, Déhà…..and hate is his middle name.

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