GOATCRAFT “All Is Naught”

“All For Naught”
(Forbidden Records)
This one is totally unknown to me. I have managed to miss out on any clutter about this on the underground grapevine. But that doesn’t mean that it is with any less anticipation that I take this on. This might just turn out to be a highlights in extreme metal 2013. This was nothing like I expected it to be. I had my heart set on some massive primitive black metal explosion but instead it made me think back to early Mortis recordings. I like ambient. I like the fact that I can dream away while still being awake. This is relaxing music to soothe my very tired and very worn out soul. This makes for a great break from all the metal assault I subject my ears and mind with on a daily basis. With this in my ears I can recharge my batteries. Cool. Anders Ekdahl

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