CADAVER PUTREFACTO ” La Maldición Del Zombie Errante”

” La Maldición Del Zombie Errante”
(Brutal Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I don’t really think too much about Cannibal Corpse’s death metal until a band like CADAVER PUTREFACTO come along. Then all of a sudden I really miss out on Cannibal Corpse. This Argentinian death metal band has taken more than one page from the Cannibal Corpse 101 on how to play death metal. And I love it. This is reptile death metal. Very primordial and oh so good. If you have issues with the caveman kind of death metal that to the uninitiated just seem like a big pile of noise you should stay a mile away from this. If you on the other hand am like me and like this kinda stuff you will have a small field day with this. As always things can always be much more brutal, much more caveman-ish but this is good enough to satisfy my primordial death metal craving. Anders Ekdahl

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