CADAVERIC FUMES “Macabre Exaltation”

“Macabre Exaltation”
(Blood Harvest)
I’m amazed at all the cool death metal acts that keep popping up on my radar. I want to own all the records but since I’m strapped for cash I’ll have to settle with getting to hear them all this way. But they sure would look very nice in my collection. Shit, I gotta rob a bank or something. I‘m also amazed at what it is that drives people to chose a certain sound for their band. How do they motivate that the guitars sound the way they do. CADAVERIC FUMES have a very old sounding sound to their death metal. It is almost like listening to Incantations debut from way back in the 90s. Musically they move in that area too. This is dark, murky and heavy as hell death metal just like Incantation. And seeing as I’m a huge friend of that sound I have no problems with this. Heavy and cool death metal is my choice any day of the week. Anders Ekdahl

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