CADAVERIS ”The Ceremony Of Worshipping”

”The Ceremony Of Worshipping”
(Heretic Rex)

Battle Helm Rating

This is another fine example of how messed up my brain is. The first time I saw this band’s name I came to think of me having to go to the dentist. Yeah, I now. The dentist has nothing to do with CADAVERIS. It would have made much more sense if I came to think of cadavers instead. This Russian band play a brand of black metal that is full on attack. Kinda like early Dark Funeral and that style of attack. And since I am huge sucker for that sound I find this album highly entertaining. There is nothing like feeling totally exhausted after having gone a round with a really cool black metal album. I feel that way after a session with “The Ceremony Of Worshipping”. I need a cold shower now. Anders Ekdahl

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