Cage – “Ancient Evil”


Cage – “Ancient Evil” (Sweden Music Group)

Now onto their 7th album, the merciless metal machine of Cage are also into a new line up! Still with screaming power vocalist Sean Peck and guitarist Dave Garcia, they are now joined by 3 fearsome beasts in the form of Casey Trask also on guitar, bassist Alex Pickard and atomic drummer Sean Elg. Together it’s even more power, more speed and definitely more fiery, molten metal!! Think a (runaway) super charged Judas Priest hurtling at you at 20,000 mph and you’ll start to imagine the intensity of Cage, from the multi-octave power larynx of Peck to the ferocious dual riffing machine chundering out metal to the max power chords along to thunderous, driving drums – need I say more!? Still, knowing the measure of Peck, who’s currently also screaming for Death Dealer and Denner / Shermann, you can add an equal dose of classy melodies into high grade composing to arrive at the pure metal majesty of the 19 tracks on this supercharged album. A 78 minute horror concept that is heavily HP Lovecraft inspired, Blaze Bayley does some voice over work on “Ancient Evil” which is based on a short book the multi tasking Peck wrote, all of which adds to the blistering ferocity of songs like ‘Blinded By Rage’, ‘Symphony Of Sin’ and the epic ‘Tomorrow Never Came’. Cage have returned with a vengeance!

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