CAGE “Supremacy Of Steel”

“Supremacy Of Steel”
Forget that everybody keep mentioning Judas Priest in every breath when they speak about Cage. This is heavy metal done the heavy metal way. It doesn’t even sound like Judas Priest. It doesn’t even sound European for that matter. This is metal the way the Americans do it the best. Strong melodies and a tempo to kill for. Try keeping up headbanging to this and you’ll end up at the emergency room with serious neck injuries. I’ve only heard one Cage album prior to this new (sixth) one but I have only good memories of that album and how impressed I was by Cage’s heavy metal. I’m still as impressed today by their heavy metal. It is hard, it is tough and most of all it is a “fuck you” to all those who think heavy metal is dead. What better way to tell those fuckers to shut up than to release an album like “Supremacy Of Steel”. Anders Ekdahl

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