Cage The Gods – “Favorite Sin”


Cage The Gods – “Favorite Sin” EP (The End Records)

F–kin armadillos in their trousers….behold the next generation of rock gods born of Zepp and nurtured by The Black Crowes to eat stadiums alive. Cage The Gods bring on the unspeakable Spinal Tap formula of having an Englishman, Scotsman, Welshman and yep, a good ol’ Irishman in one band. Flying in the political face of current devolution, this lot have not just managed to keep it together, but actually produced some damn fine hard rock that’s played from the heart and aimed at your loins. From Pete’s sultry pure rock dawg vocals to Jam’s all the way up to eleven guitars, songs like ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Sacrifice’ give it all to you – 100% proof all the way – not in the least held up by the rock out rhythms of Mitch’s twanging bass and Col’s solid stamping beats. Full of spunk, Cage The Gods bring that irascible hunger satiated by only one thing – the sound of rock n roll.

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