CALIBER666 “Blood Fueled Chaos”

“Blood Fueled Chaos”
(Ibex Moon)
Caliber666 are totally new to me. Judging by the promo pictures I’d say they are Swedish. But I’m not too sure and it really doesn’t matter the truth be told. As long as the music is good I don’t care where you come from. Caliber666 are death metal the way Centinex was death metal. Nothing fancy, just deep growls and down-tuned guitars. This is darkness embodied. It’s so murky you’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s something wrong with your speakers. Kinda like Incantation. As I’m a big fan of both Centinex and Incantation I totally fell for “Blood Fueled Chaos” (sic). This is death metal that dares to be ugly. It’s like meeting your cousin from the country. You don’t want to take him to meet your more sophisticated friends but you can’t help feeling good in his company. Who cares for sophistication when you can get down and dirty like this. Cudos to Caliber666. Anders Ekdahl

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