Calm For The Restless – “Destroyed But Not Defeated”


Calm For The Restless – “Destroyed But Not Defeated” EP (

A promising young band that has been making waves around London recently, Calm For The Restless take their inspiration from travels around the Caribbean and Ernest Hemingway’s novels like ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ – not your run of the mill culture for budding musicians! Formed in 2007 by founders Don Macauley and rhythm guitarist Martin Bradford, the two friends set out to form a band to make music with a heavy guitar driven edge to it. As such their deep and poignant material is reflective of that refinement, blending in the tender, heartbreaking vocals of Macauley with a hard alt rock sound utilizing boundless amounts of beautiful emo guitar melodies. Moreover it’s not just the mix, but the way these guys intelligently arrange tranquil, calming pieces alongside brooding guitars and rolling drum work to produce emotionally high charged songs like ‘Lost To The Ocean’, ‘Shadow Of A Man’ and ‘Bury Me In The Waves’. Somewhat reminiscent of a darker, heavier Incubus if I had to pick a name, Calm For The Restless’s confidence and their even more catchy material is hard to ignore on this even bolder 5 track sophomore EP.

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