Candiria – “While They Were Sleeping”


Candiria – “While They Were Sleeping” (Metal Blade Records)

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Definitely one of the most diverse bands around – and then some! Unsurprisingly, Candiria hail from the melting pot of Brooklyn, and indeed, that’s exactly what they do in mixing metalcore with a whole lot more. Think hip-hop, jazz (early bop as well as late period fusion), dub and abstract psychedelic! Driven by the eclectic vocal talents of founder Carley Coma, Candiria’s music follows suite in being an unpredictable mesh of raging off the wall riffs, jazz-infused chord progressions, polyrhythmic beats and complex bass runs, all played at varying tempos through the band’s skillful musicianship and usually squeezed into a single song, so its definitely not for the uninitiated. That said, for those open minded or already appreciative of the band’s extreme diversity, then its remarkable how they focus their fusions to produce some truly powerful and emotionally intense material. If that wasn’t ambitious in itself, then this 8th release is also a concept album telling the tale of a failed musician who rises up against a monarchy in New York City. Spending just over a year working on the story, Coma has brilliantly weaved in real world events such as 2014’s Ferguson riots, vividly resonated in ‘The Whole World Will Burn‘ through the contrast of raging hardcore and Faith No More like singalong choruses and some rapid fire street rap. Taking that delivery to even more extreme lengths on ‘Wandering Light‘, just check out the shifting between John LaMacchia’s raw, skanking hardcore riffs rolling with Coma’s vocal pummeling of harsh shout outs and trippy reggae singing before morphing into a jazz fusion interlude and finally culminating in the screamcore fire of ‘…we’ll turn the lights out!! we’ll shut em down!!..’ – awesome! Being from Brooklyn, Candiria show their respect to Biohazard on ‘Ten Thousand Tears’ which street stomps in style to Coma’s growling gangsta raps before mellowing into trippy, Life of Agony melodic choruses and clean soulful singing, finally culminating in a jazz dubb rapcore finale that could leave me thinking ‘wow’! Seriously hospitalized by a car wreck at one point in their career, the fortitude shown by this band and their remarkable come back goes beyond inspirational, as does their music in its willfully driven evolution.

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