CANDLE “The Keeper’s Curse”

“The Keeper’s Curse”
(Fighter Records)

Battle Helm Rating

When Hammerfall released their debut album it meant a rejuvenation of heavy metal like we’ve never seen before. Since then much water has passed under all bridges but heavy metal is still standing strong. Thanks to labels like Fighter Records we are served up new and interesting acts on a regular basis. CANDLE from Sweden are the latest to release and album full of classic heavy metal. I usually don’t comment on stuff like vocals but this time I have to. They are not too bad but I believe that with a different vocalist this material could be taken to a higher level. Because musically this is good stuff. There is a heavier, more dramatic side to this that I didn’t expect. In a way this is classic Swedish heavy metal. And that is something that sits very nicely with me. Anders Ekdahl

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