Candlemass – “Psalms For The Dead”

Candlemass – “Psalms For The Dead” (Napalm Records)

After 28 years, this will be Candlemass’s 11th and final studio album, after which the band will continue only as a touring band, although I believe vocalist Rob Lowe has already left them LOL! Well, the good news is that they are going out on a high note, if a lighter one in terms tempering their dark, evil tones in favour of returning to their roots of Black Sabbath. It’s still very much doom, but Lowe is actually singing songs like ‘Prophet’, ‘Waterwitch’ and ‘Black As Time’ very much like Ozzy rather than in the classic operatic soprano vein that defined Candlemass. Furthermore, the use of hammond organ and some light harmony vocals is definitely more in the 70s style and maybe giving a nod towards the stoner market – well, it’s their last album so why not milk it LOL. Still, it’s been a magnificent career for these guys right from when we first heard “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” in ’86 to being the defining band of Swedish doom – Candlemass, I salute thee!

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