Cane Hill – “Smile”


Cane Hill – “Smile” (Rise Records)

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With a name taken from an abandoned asylum and an album title inviting their fans – affectionately referred to as ‘patients’ – to do so so the band can  smash their teeth in, Cane Hill are the latest nu metal (or mebbe I should say mental) horror crossing the Atlantic! Formed in 2011 and hailing from the legendary NOLA scene, they certainly have a rich heritage to draw upon, but in the main choose to follow in the footsteps of Drowning Pool, Coal Chamber and Slipknot in being heavy and aggressive, but also exuding a psychotic vibe resonating a wicked sense of abandonment. As such the tone of songs like ‘(The New) Jesus’, ‘Ugly Idol Mannequin’ and ‘Strange Candy’ is typically dark, with heavy riffage contrasting with catchy electronic elements all to a strong dance groove. Elijah Witts vocals take in the full spectrum from hoarse drawls to trippy-but-sickie whispers and insane aural spaz outs with the rest of the band following suit through dervish riffing, smashing drums and twisted bass work. Already ravaging the US supporting the likes of Bullet For My Valentine and Atreyu alongside Devil You Know, Cane Hill are now ready to bring their pissed off energy to you on this raging debut. For anyone who’s into self harm….and a plentiful supply of valium.

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