CANYON OF THE SKULL ”The Desert Winter”

”The Desert Winter”

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I get why you want to do a single track as your whole record. I do. But in doing so you set yourself a target that might be a tad too much. Some manage, like Sleep and edge Of Sanity. And those that failed have fallen off people’s memories. CANYON OF THE SKULL has done it even harder on themselves by doing a one track instrumental record. And doing a 37 minutes instrumental black metal track is perhaps stretching it too far too some. I don’t know if I agree with that. But then I am a bit of an odd buff. This is one hell of a heavy track. It is very doom metal in its heaviness but with the incense of black metal burning. It does really live up to it title “The Desert Winter” because this is bleak and void of much of the beauty that summer and fall bring with it. But somehow I still end up liking this. Anders Ekdahl

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