Capra – “In Transmission”

Capra – “In Transmission” (Metal Blade Records / Blacklight Media Records)
Battle Helm Rating
If you like an eclectic mix of metal, punk and hardcore delivered through an intense performance lead by the screaming girlie high vocals of one Crow Lotus, then the Louisiana quartet of Capra will no doubt do it for you on this shredding debut! Formed in 2016 when guitarist Tyler Harper got outta rehab and hooked up with drummer Jeremy Randazzo, it didn’t take long before they recruited bassist Ben Paramore and fireball singer Crow Lotus to bring it all together. With more in mind than delivering a hook laden, groove propelled album full of catchy but aggressive songs, “In Transmission” is also intended to reach out to those who may be in similarly dark places to what the band members have experienced in their own pasts, calling out to them through the 11 passionate tracks here to spur them into climbing out of whatever hole they may be in. Recorded in 2019 with a sound to match thanks to Jai Benoit (Golgothan, Father Rust) and Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues), the band are more than eager to get out there to connect and spread their message to say the least! As Harper’s creepy guitar melds with Paramore’s ominous bass on ‘The Locust Preacher’, the anguished and at times neurotic screamo from Lotus conveys the experience of sleep paralysis and night terrors as the metallic riffs get thicker and more intense in rolling you into mental turmoil brought home by Randazzo’s smashing drums, sending your pulse racing while your emotions run equally wild in your soul. Wailing and chundering before hitting you with a titanic headbanging groove on ‘Torture Ship’, Harper’s guitar is doing undoubted overtime squealing from the red-hot mix of whirring riffs, chundering doom death and even a touch of southern blues as Lotus’s screaming rants of ‘…the future is now! the future is now!…’ blisters all over the hammering rhythm of Paramore and Randazzo, while the contrast couldn’t be greater as the song ends abruptly in an ethereal ambiance of truly ghostly proportions! Recorded during the lockdown, ‘Deadbeat Assailant’ explodes with all that pent-up frustration being even more OTT than the other songs as Lotus shreds her larynx while Harper piles in the punk metal riffs and metallic clanging melodies to rock and roll this number like a boxer’s blitzing combination before waylaying in the headbanging haymakers as Lotus screams you out to the end. If you think that you’re going barking mad, then Capra have already been there….
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