CARDIAC ARREST “Vortex Of Violence”

“Vortex Of Violence”
(Ibex Moon)
I could make some fun of the band’s music not giving me a cardiac arrest but I think I’ll restrain from doing so. I honestly didn’t know what to think the first time I heard this. Was it any good? Or was I just tricked into thinking that this was anything but ordinary. That it is death metal there’s no doubt about. Is it any good death metal then? Yeah, to be honest this isn’t too shabby. It will never win prices as the most innovative or even original but there is an energy to it that makes it well worth checking out. Cardiac Arrest’s death metal is on the more extreme side of things. Think early Morbid Angel sped up to 11 and you get an idea of where on the scale you’ll find Cardiac Arrest. Anders Ekdahl

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