CARDINALS FOLLY “Strange Conflicts Of The Past”

“Strange Conflicts Of The Past”
(Shadow Kingdom)
Doom metal from Finland, the land of a thousand lakes and probably as many vodka induced suicides. I loved The Reverend Bizarre. They were a damn cool doom metal band that I discovered too late. That they are no longer is a great loss to all of us. But now we have CARDINALS FOLLY. I can from the start tell you that if you miss The Reverend Bizarre you might very well find a new favourite in CARDINALS FOLLY. This is doom in the same vein. Slow, heavy and with just enough of a hint to Black Sabbath to make this cool. And now with Cathedral calling it a day there is the need for somebody to pick up the flame. Why not let it be CARDINALS FOLLY? Anders Ekdahl

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