Care Of Night – “Connected”


Care Of Night – “Connected” (AOR Heaven)

Formed from the ashes of Swedish heavy metal band Seven Tears, Care Of Night have gone through some evolutions before arriving at this par excellence AOR band. Releasing an in 2013 that showcased the band’s powerhouse song-writing abilities, it wasn’t long before the AOR world was taking notice of this fast rising talented veteran band. “Connected” is the band’s debut, containing the 4 original songs off the EP but also 6 new tracks that will burn a hole in your AOR heart. Definitely taking inspiration from the 80s, along with a Scandinavian touch, there’s absolutely nothing heavy here from the band’s past but only heart throbbing bliss! With Kristofer von Wachenfeldt’s heavenly keyboards and Jonathan Carlemar’s silky smooth guitars providing the power house passion, Carl-Johan Schönberg’s soaring crooner vocals deliver the goods – and more – on beautiful songs like the amazingly uplifting ‘Cassandra’, the sex sax romance of ‘Dividing Lines’ and the epic 7 minute closer of ‘Say You Will’ that builds from its gentle acoustic beginning to orgasmic rock majesty thanks to Schönberg’s divine vocals that never let up from start to finish. Simply AOR heaven with of course, heaps of backing vocal harmonies and bunches of singalong choruses 80s style – so break out the chocolates, light the candles and invite her over!

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