CARMEN GRAY “Gates Of Lonliness”

“Gates of Lonliness”
(Gray Records)
OK, so we have another Finnish chart breaker to contend with. There seem to an endless stream of these kinds of Finnish bands that we rarely get to hear of outside of Finland. Maybe it is just me that don’t know where to stick my ear. Having already released an album that I missed out on I have no idea what this band is all about. And my first impression is that this is like Aerosmith or Cinderella or any other American band from 1976-86. Not your typical big hair, big choruses kind of band then. Add bands like Tyketto, Posion and and any other assorted band that let go of the hairspray and went for the music alone and you pretty much get the picture Carmen Gray paints. A nice break from all the high pitched, ball busting 80s glam thing that seem to be happening again. Anders Ekdahl

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