CARNOSUS ”Dogma Of The Deceased”

”Dogma Of The Deceased”
(Satanath Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I have seen CARNOSUS live twice. The first time they opened up for Pestilence on my birthday in 2019. The second time I only caught a short glance of their gig. To say that I have been overly impressed both times is to stretch the truth a bit too far. But then again, the first time I wasn’t there to see them and the second time we arrived at the end of the gig. So it is with excitement that I take on this new(ish) disc from them. If I have an issue with them live it is the opposite on record. This I really like. Raw and somewhat melodic death metal that makes me bang my head. Somewhat technical but not in a way that it bothers me. This new album makes me regretting not getting their first album when I had the chance. There is a string of thrash in this too. The closest I come in comparison is At The Gates, but perhaps a bit harder. This one was a nice surprise. Anders Ekdahl

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