Carpathian Forest – “Likeim”

Carpathian Forest – “Likeim” (Indie Recordings) 

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Despite being a Norwegian black metal band, there’s always been something peculiar about Carpathian Forest, something more depraved, something more perverted and definitely more ‘different’ even unto their own kind! Formed by Nattefrost in the early 90s, the band released its debut “Black Shining Leather’ towards the end of the decade, and thereafter, the reign of terror began with live shows resembling slaughterhouses rather than gigs! While defining intensity onstage, subsequent releases saw the band unafraid to experiment, adopting symphony, groove and rock n roll into their black mass, willing to stand out even in an already underground scene to be a (very) black sheep. Despite their unstoppable momentum, Carpathian  Forest became low key around 2010 despite playing odd gigs but then went into deathly silence in 2014. Until now. With a completely new band behind him, Nattefrost has brought his perversity back once again firstly in this 2 track EP, an evil foretaste of a full blown blood offering later to come! After more than a decade of high anticipation, Carpathian Forest continue in fine style with plenty of verbal abuse on the title track ‘Likeim’ which crashes in with a loud, blast beating groove and multiple voices / evil spoken words culminating in a chorus drowned by evil, twisted synths – quite possibly the closest you’ll get to possession as expressed through music – not forgetting the insane, wild fretboard sliding ‘solo’! Slightly more ‘normal’ is a decapitating cover of Turbonegro’s ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ with plenty of raw guitars matching Nattefrost’s screams and sickly drawls, although showcasing the new band’s technicality with heaps of metallic lead breaks and even a heavy metal solo chucked in – probably as a big fuck you to everyone (including satan) that Carpathian Forest still is a band doing whatever they fucking well please. And don’t expect a thank you either!

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