CARPE NOCTEM “In Terra Profugus”

“In Terra Profugus”
Icelandic black metal might sound like an oxymoron. But it isn’t. With a population like a city this volcanic island in the north has brought us some really cool music, in all genres. There must be something to the hot springs that brings out the goods. This one started in such a doomy fashion that you’d be forgiven thinking that it was a Black Sabbath cover band. But it soon turned into some kind of black metal that carries your thoughts to Deathspell Omega more so than Darkthrone. And since I like Deathspell Omega and try to buy everything I can get my hands on this Icelandic band sits perfectly in my computer until I can track down a new Deathspell Omega record. So if you like your black metal on the offbeat side of things this will be to your liking. Add some Norwegian Thorns to it and perhaps a bit Dödheimsgard (or whatever abbreviation they use) and you got a pretty good idea of what this will be like. Anders Ekdahl

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