Casino Thieves – “The Quiet Road Home”


Casino Thieves – “The Quiet Road Home” EP (

The second EP release from these Welsh bearded boyos, Casino Thieves return with their hard alt rock that is anything but quiet! From Jeremy Dessent’s fiery guitar to Adam Kerslake’s hard hitting drums and Leon Jones’s punchy bass, these South Valleys upstarts take it straight from the Manics with their tender, heartfelt vocals and melancholic melodies before bringing in the beef of Biffy Clyro and the frantic insanity of the Foo Fighters on songs like ‘Exit and Entrance’, ‘Halogen Eyes’ before closing with the delicate ambiance of ‘Beautiful Lenses’. The style doesn’t vary much across the five songs making up this EP but that works for me, allowing the listener to get into the band’s tight musicianship and appreciate their catchy material for an overall pleasurable experience from this ascending trio, who while still in their youth, show plenty of promise to grow into something far bigger judging by their hefty army of followers!

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