CASKET ROBBERY “The Ascension”

“The Ascension”

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My head is full of pointless knowledge. Well pointless to others but not to me. I find it highly useful. But sometimes there is a fuck up my memory bank and everything gets confused. Like with CASKET ROBBERY. The name sounds so familiar that I wonder if I have heard or done something with them before but when I search my mind I don’t seem to find anything sustainable about them yet when I search I find that I interviewed them back in 2016. That’s how fucked up my mind is. But I am thankful that I get to review their new EP because this is pretty awesome metal. Borderline death and thrash and heavy metal this is an amalgamation of styles made cool. It is heavy as hell yet not annoyingly boring. There is always something happening that makes you take notice. And music that activates you is good music to my ears. Anders Ekdahl

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